5 Mukhi Rudraksha

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Five Mukhi Rudraksha

The five mukhi rudraksha is the from of lord rudra named kaalagni. Five mukhi Rudraksha monitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments. Five faced Rudraksha beads are dipped overnight in water in a glass and the water drank in the morning on empty stomach, then the person gets free from blood pressure and related illnesses. Five mukhi Rudraksha Beads is presided by Lord Shiva.minimum of 4 beads of the 5 mukhi rudraksha strung in red thread is very good.


Five face Rudraksha Symbol of Lord Shiva.
Five mukhi Rudraksha Ruling Planet Jupiter (Guru).
5 faced Recommended Bone Marrow, Liver, Kidney, Feet, Thigh, Ear, diseases of fat and Diabetes.
5 Mukhi bead Mantras Om Hreem Namaha.
5 face malas, rosery, of wearing Monday.


Five Mukhi Rudraksha 30 up to 220 Price based on size.